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Recipe how to make the most delicious chicken noodle

Recipe how to make the most delicious chicken noodle - Indonesia is a very popular culinary and favored by many people, of course, chicken noodle into a promising business opportunity. able to make chicken noodle special and tasty of course be beneficial advantages, because with it we can take advantage of the ability of the business prospects of chicken noodle. In addition, if previously we enjoy chicken noodle that we can buy, we occasionally enjoy homemade chicken noodle.

With chicken noodle recipe and how to make chicken noodle which I will describe below, hope we can mineikmati homemade chicken noodle no less delicious with chicken noodle which we used to buy. To be able to serve chicken noodle, certainly not easy. because there are several stages of processing of materials that must be done. making noodles, making stock, making the oil, making the chicken stir-fry also presentation. all mothers have to do it manually with your own abilities. So what I will describe below hopefully can help anyone to serve delicious chicken noodle.

Besides here you can also find the following site for chicken noodle dishes.

The material
1/2 kg chicken noodle
250 grams of chicken meat (cut into chunks and boiled)
1 bunch of sweet mustard (cut into pieces)
100 ml chicken oil (can be purchased ready-made)
10 ml of soy sauce
15 ml soy sauce english
100 ml of soy sauce
2 leeks

5 pieces of red onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 tsp coriander
2 cm turmeric
2 cm ginger
3 eggs hazelnut
a little sugar

How to make it
1 Boil the ingredients for the broth to boil.
2 Saute until fragrant spices are mashed and cooked
3 Enter the chicken meat that has been boiled, stir-fry again add a little sugar.
4 Remove and set aside.
5. Solo Serve chicken noodle with noodles arrangement which had previously been soaked into the broth and then drain. Sawi previously been soaked in water and the broth has been drained. Add spices and give a little broth. To supplement can be added to tomato sauce and sweet soy sauce.

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