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Tender beef steak recipe and simple

Tender beef steak recipe and simple - Steak is a luxury culinary made ​​with the main ingredient of meat. This dish is actually quite simple compared to traditional recipes. but because the raw material of meat, of course hunted many devotees seteak tongue. can be imagined, the natural savory steak sauce on the meat combined make the meat has a special flavor.

The main ingredient of course is to make steak meat. if on previous occasions, I've explained the chicken steak recipe. well in this post, for those of you who want to enjoy homemade beef steak, beef steak recipe please learn that I describe below. Steak is one of the stranger foods taste was also favored by the people of Indonesia. In general, many people visit a restaurant just to buy and enjoy a beef steak. And we can make these dishes at home with our own tastes. Because, basically, how to make beef steak is delicious and healthy it's pretty easy. And it would be more efficient if you could make your own steak at home to enjoy with your little family.

You can also study the making of this meat steak on the following site.
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2. http://ahlimasak.weebly.com/
3. http://adaresepku.wordpress.com/

The material
1/4 kg of beef
3 tablespoons butter
5 pieces of tomatoes
Pepper, nutmeg, salt, soy sauce, sugar to taste

How to make it
Wash the meat thoroughly, give the herbs and stab - stab with a fork, let stand for ± 2 hours.
Fried meat with 1 tablespoon butter.
Cook over a rather large fire, do not look behind when yellow.
Boil the tomatoes, then filtered
Combine water with sugar and a little salt.
Melt the remaining butter before, add the soy sauce, tomato water enter into it.
Insert meat that has been fried, heat until thick.
Remove and serve

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